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All or Nothing: Jose Mourinho’s soft side, and Danny Rose wants answers

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All or Nothing: Jose Mourinho’s soft side, and Danny Rose wants answers

Jose Mourinho had a tough winter with TottenhamTo some, the first three episodes of All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur were more ‘All or Nothing: Jose Mourinho’.There’s no let-up in the next three.We see a softer side to Mourinho, Danny Rose speaking his mind in the manager’s office, and a massive injury list piling the pressure…

All or Nothing: Jose Mourinho’s soft side, and Danny Rose wants answers
Jose Mourinho watches on from the touchline
Jose Mourinho had a difficult winter season with Tottenham

To some, the first 3 episodes of All or Absolutely Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur were more ‘All or Absolutely Nothing: Jose Mourinho’.

There’s no let-up in the next three.

We see a softer side to Mourinho, Danny Rose speaking his mind in the manager’s workplace, and a huge injury list stacking the pressure on.

Here’s what we gained from the latest batch of episodes on Amazon Prime.

1. The death of Mourinho’s canine proves he’s a softie at heart

The most tender minute of the series so far takes place in episode 4. It’s Christmas Day and Mourinho fronts up to inform his team why he is doing not have in joyful cheer.

” Some of you think maybe that I am just an idiot, however the truth is that I’m dead because my pet dog passed away,” he tells the gamers, appearing he has actually sobbed quite just recently.

” He is a Yorkshire terrier. For 13 years, he travelled all over … he dies on 24 December.”

It is a rare glance of the male behind the headlines.

2. Rose desires responses

Mourinho needs to handle another Yorkshire terrier in episode five – Danny Rose.

The defender made only 5 appearances under Mourinho before transferring to Newcastle on loan in January.

Jose Mourinho speaks to Danny Rose in a game against Liverpool
Mourinho imparts some knowledge on Rose versus Liverpool

Sitting in the supervisor’s workplace, Rose asks: “Gaffer, I just would like to know what the issue is.”

Mourinho asks what he implies. “You understand exactly what I mean,” he responds. “How I’m being dealt with. If you do not want me to play, I ‘d rather you just inform me now and I’ll remain at house.”

He then questions some of his team-mates’ performances in training and matches, and tells Mourinho he will talk to chairman Daniel Levy.


3. How Kane responded to Eriksen leaving

There are some informative scenes in episode 5 including Eriksen, Mourinho and Levy.

Levy says he doesn’t really desire the Denmark midfielder to leave during the January transfer window, however he does simply that – joining Inter Milan.

Possibly the most intriguing element is captain Harry Kane’s response.

” He wanted a new obstacle. You can’t blame someone for wanting to attempt something brand-new,” he states.

Hint transfer speculation aplenty about Kane?

4. Mourinho’s medical staff are under pressure

From December to February, Tottenham’s mounting injury list reads more like UFC than football. It includes Kane, Moussa Sissoko, Erik Lamela and Hugo Lloris.

Geoff Scott, head of the medical group, has to be the bearer of problem – notifying Mourinho that forward Child Heung-Min may have to miss out on the rest of the season since of a damaged arm. You can most likely imagine how well the supervisor takes that. At one point, he seems determined that Boy will play no matter what.

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Apparently, players were tougher in his day.

” Exactly what I had,” he informs Scott. “My arm was in the cast for a week and, on matchday, break that thing, bring the Elastoplast, put the arm like this and play, for months!”

‘ The stairs broke’ – Mourinho’s odd response to Child’s injury

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